Protection Tape Applicator (with Vacuum + Pressing function) NEL SYSTEM™ series

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This equipment is full-auto type Tape applicator, applies protection tape (for back-grinding process) on 300mm wafer patterned surface in vacuum condition. Mechanical pressing function is also equipped.

For the wafers having bumps or concave-convex, Tape applying performance can be significantly improved by using Vacuum mounting function & Mechanical pressing function.


Full auto Protection Tape Applicator for 300mm wafer (Vacuum applying + Pressing function)

Operation flow


  • FOUP/Open cassette available
  • Void-less applying to bump wafer can be realized by Differential pressure applying / Flat plate pressing
  • Easy operation by Touch panel & Recipe function
  • Log file function standard equipment
  • Follow to CE mark / SEMI S2/S8
  • Adding Wafer mapping scanner available
  • Adding SECS/GEM available

Basic spesifications

  • Applicable frame size: 300mm
  • Applicable wafer size: 300mm
  • Applicable wafer thickness: 775um
  • Throughput: 45wafers/hr.


*Above spec. values will be influenced by wafer/tape/other conditions, and in several cases, the option function is included.
In the case the conditions are appropriate, the wafers out of above spec. could be applicable. Please contact us.
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