Loctite EQ PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser

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Loctite EQ PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser

LOCTITE EQ PU20 Digital Peristaltic Dispenser is a reliable and effective volumetric dispenser for single-component, low viscosity adhesives. It is great for precise dosing or applications that require a specific flow rate. This dispenser is electro-mechanically operated and does not require the use of an air source. It transfers liquids via pressure displacement applied by rotor turning against a tube that carries the material from the bottle to a handheld dispense applicator.
Application:   Anaerobic, instant and light cure adhesives in 10 ml, 20 g and 30 ml packs. Solvent-free activators and oils up to a viscosity of approx. 5,000 mPas.
  • Air-free dispensing reduces premature curing and clogging of product
  • Instant reverse for vacuum suck-back; shuts off the flow of liquid and prevents dripping
  • Adjustable post-delay time for vacuum setting
  • Simple and convenient load mechanism for tubing replacement
  • Digital motor speed adjustment and display
  • Digital timer display
  • “Teach In” and program memory saving function
  • Multiple operating modes
  • System comes complete with applicator, tubing, and nozzle tips
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