Loctite EA608 Epoxy



Loctite Ea 608 Epoxy Adhesive 50ml

  • Shear Strength, Steel : 2980 psi
  • Storage Temperature : 46 - 69 °F
  • Viscosity : 100000 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
  • Key Substrates : Metal, Plastic
  • Color : Clear
  • Curing Type : Heat Cure, Room Temperature (Ambient) Cure

LOCTITE® EA 608 is a clear, 2-part, fast setting epoxy adhesive used in many applications where optical clarity and/or fast cure rates are needed. It bonds a variety of materials including metals and plastics.


Mixing - Cartridges: Place cartridge in proper dispenser. To
begin using a new cartridge, remove the cap and dispense a
small amount of adhesive, making sure both parts A & B are
extruding. Attach nozzle and dispense approximately 1-2"
before applying onto the part to be bonded. Partially used
cartridges should be stored with the mixing nozzle attached. To
reuse, remove and discard the old nozzle, attach the new
nozzle, and begin dispensing.
Application: Bonding surfaces should be clean and dry. Once
the adhesive is applied, the bonded parts should be held in
contact until the part has developed handling strength. It is not
necessary to clamp the parts unless movement during cure is

Cure: Complete cure is obtained after 24 hours at room
temperature. LOCTITE® EA 608 will achieve handling strength
in 10-15 minutes at 77°F (note: this can vary with different bond
configurations). LOCTITE® EA 608 can also be fully cured with
heat such as; 5-20 minutes at a maximum of 150°F

Clean Up: It is important to remove excess adhesive from the
work area and application equipment before it hardens. Many
common solvents and citrus cleaners are suitable for removing
uncured adhesive. Consult with your supplier's information
pertaining to the safe and proper use of solvents.


Store product in unopened container in a cool dry location.
Ideal conditions are within the range 8 to 21 degrees C (46 to
70 degrees F) and are recommended for long term storage.
Exposure to higher temperatures (greater than 28 degrees C)
for prolonged periods should be avoided as extended exposure
to warm conditions can adversely affect product properties.
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