Kraft Paper Packaging Tapes No.712B

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Nitto single coated tape 712B consists of a flat back kraft paper coated with a pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive.

This tape is used for splicing and packaging purposes.


- excellent tack on kraft liner,cardboard

- good temperature resistance

- easy to unwind and to apply


- Pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive

- Flat kraft paper


Product No. No.712B
Thickness[mm] 0.15
Adhesive strength[N/20mm] 11.00
Holding power[mm/30min] 0.1
Unwinding force[N/25mm] 1.5
Tensile strength[N/25mm] 150
Elongation[%] 6


  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


Nitto 712B is a suitable product for applications such as:

-Single coated splicing tape for head-to-head splice kraft liner for corrugated cardboard

- Reel closing, reinforcement and side protection of paper rolls

- Carton box sealing

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