Devcon Wear Resistant Putty (WR-2)



Devcon Wear Resistant Putty (WR-2)

Devcon Wear Resistant Putty (WR-2) is a ceramic-filled epoxy putty with a smooth, low-friction finish.
Intended Use:

For repairing flange faces, machine ways, valve seats and bodies, and tracing guides
  • Rebuilds and protects interfacing metal surfaces
  • Protects metal from bi-metallic corrosion
  • Repairs metals and concrete
They are known as:
  • Metal abrasion protection
  • Metal abrasion-resistant coating
  • Metal abrasion resistant paint for metal
  • abrasion resistant coating for steel
  • wear resistance coating materials
  • high wear resistance
  • abrasive wear resistance

Not recommended for long term exposure to concentrated acids or to organic solvents

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface with Devcon® Cleaner Blend 300 to remove all oil, grease and dirt.
  2. Grit blast surface area with 8-40 mesh grit, or grind with a coarse wheel or abrasive disc pad, to create increased
    surface area for better adhesion (Caution: An abrasive disc pad can only be used provided white metal is revealed).
    Desired profile is 3-5mil, including defined edges (do not "feather-edge” epoxy)Note: For metals exposed to sea water or other salt solution, grit-blast and high-pressure-water-blast the area, then leave overnight to allow any salts in the metal to “sweat” to the surface. Repeat blasting to “sweat out” all soluble salts. Perform chloride contamination test to determine soluble salt content (should be no more than 40ppm).
  3. Clean surface again with Devcon® Cleaner Blend 300 to remove all traces of oil, grease, dust or other foreign
    substances from the grit blasting.
  4. Repair surface as soon as possible to eliminate any changes or surface contaminants. WORKING CONDITIONS: Ideal application temperature is 55°F to 90°F. In cold working conditions, directly heat repair area to 100-110°F prior to applying epoxy and maintain at this temperature during product cure to dry off any moisture, contamination or solvents, as well as to achieve maximum performance properties.


---- It is strongly recommended that full units be mixed, as ratios are pre-measured. ----

  1. Add hardener to resin
  2. Mix thoroughly with screwdriver or similar tool (continuously scrape material away from sides and bottom of container) until a uniform, streak-free consistency is obtained.
    INTERMEDIATE SIZES (1,2,3 lb. units): Place resin and hardener on a flat, disposable surface such as cardboard,
    plywood or plastic sheet. Use a trowel or wide-blade tool to mix the material as in Step 2 above.
    LARGE SIZES (2 lb., 25 lb.): Use a propeller-type Jiffy Mixer Model ES on an electric drill. Mix until color is uniform and consistent.
    Note: Keep propeller below liquid line, as additional air can be added to mixture, resulting in air bubbles on the surface of the finished product.


Spread mixed material on repair area and work firmly into substrate to ensure maximum surface contact. Wear Resistant
Putty (WR-2) fully cures in 16 hours, at which time it can be machined, drilled, or painted.
    Place fiberglass sheet, expanded metal, or mechanical fasteners between repair area and Wear Resistant Putty (WR-2)
    prior to application.
    Wear Resistant Putty (WR-2) can be troweled up to ¼” thick without sagging.
    Cure at room temperature for 2.5 hours, then heat cure for 4 hours @ 200°F.
    Applying epoxy at temperatures below 70°F lengthens functional cure and pot life times. Conversely, applying above 70°F
    shortens functional cure and pot life.

Store at room temperature, 70 °F.
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Feel free to contact us if there are any queries above or other questions we will be glad to assist you. Demo Practices are available too, we have our professional to guide you or recommend proper application on the products.

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