Devcon S-30 2Ton White Epoxy



Devcon-S-30 2Ton White Epoxy

A high strength, non-shrinking, adhesive/ potting compound specially formulated for highclarity, good impact strength, and water resistance.
The adhesive bond is resistant to weathering, solvents, and wide variations in temperature.
  • 100% reactive, no solvents
  • Good water and chemical resistance
  • Fills gaps and voids
  • Room temperature curing
  • Bonding or potting electronic
    components and assemblies
  • Creating moisture-resistant seals
  • Suitable for bonding ceramics, ferrous
    and non-ferrous, ferrites, wood, glass
    and concrete


2 Ton Epoxy works best on clean surfaces. Surfaces
should be free of heavy deposits of grease, oil, dirt or
other contaminants or cleaned with industrial cleaning
equipment such as vapor degreasers or hot aqueous
baths. Abrading or roughing the surfaces of metals will
increase the microscopic bond area significantly and
optimize the bond strength.

This product is available in two cartridge sizes.
The cartridge should be used with the appropriate manual
Applicator Gun and Static Mixer Nozzle. The Static Mixer
Nozzle enables the material to be thoroughly mixed when
dispensed, and thus can be applied directly to the surfaces
to be bonded. Please note: Once the product goes beyond
its working time the nozzle has to be thrown away and a
new nozzle used for further dispensing.

Apply mixed epoxy directly to one surface in an even film
or as a bead. Assemble with the mating part within the
recommended working time. Obtain firm contact between
the parts to minimize any gap and ensure good contact
of the epoxy between the mating parts, clamping may
optimize this part of the process. A small volume of epoxy
should flow out the edges to show there is adequate gap
filling. For very large gaps, apply epoxy to both surfaces
andspread to cover the entire area, or make a bead pattern,
which will allow flow throughout the joint. Let bonded
assemblies stand for the recommended functional cure
time before handling. They are capable of withstanding
processing forces at this point, but should not be dropped,
shocked or heavily loaded.

Devcon Epoxy Adhesives should be stored in a cool dry
place when not used for a long period of time. A shelf life
of 3 years from date of manufacture can be expected when
stored at room temperature (22ºC) in their original containers.
The expiry will be displayed on the product packaging

For complete safety and handling information, please refer
to the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets prior to
using this product.

Devcon will replace any material found to be defective.
Because the storage, handling and application of this
material is beyond our control we can accept no liability
for the results obtained.
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