Cloth Packaging Tape No.757 Super

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Using pet woolly as base material, the quality and cost will guarantee your satisfaction.We offer a wide variety of colors too.

Cloth packaging tape realized remarkable cost performance by using PET Woolly for weft yarn. Smooth texture improved usability. It uses low-odor type adhesive.Other than the cardboard color, there are 7 different colors available.


Product No No.757 Super
Thickness[mm] 0.23
Adhesive strength[N/25mm] 8.00
Holding power[mm/30min] 2.0
Unwinding force[N/25mm] 4.8
Tensile strength[N/25mm] 115
Elongation[%] 9
Base material Warp yarn : Spun rayon,
Weft yarn : PET Woolly


  • * The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


Product No. No.757 Super
25m roll
50m roll -
Printing -
Coloring ○(7 colors)
Color Cardboard color


  • * Non printable.
  • * Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black, Silver.


Size Quantity [rolls]
Length [m] Width [mm] No.757Super
25 25 60
38 30
50 30
60 30
75 24
100 18


  • *The above figures refer to the number of rolls in a package and not to the standard sizes in stock.
  • *Please contact us to find out about sizes in stock and special sizes that are not listed above.
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