Repair and Protection for Fan, Blower and Compressor

Repair and Protection for Fan, Blower and Compressor

Built on more than six decades of development, Devcon has created an extensive selection of epoxy putties and coatings. These products are designed for the repair, reconstruction, and safeguarding of air and gas handling equipment. Tailored to minimize downtime and replacement expenses, Devcon's epoxy product provide lasting protection for your equipment.

Devcon products find widespread use in safeguarding fans, blowers, and compressors from abrasion, which can be exacerbated by particle entrapment.

Repair and protection for fan

Devcon is capable of repairing worn fan blades and subsequently applying a coating to prevent further erosion, corrosion, and abrasion damage. Materials like Devcon Ceramic Repair Putty 11700 serve as effective safeguards against abrasion and corrosion, allowing the long-term coating of fan blade housings. Furthermore, Devcon Brushable Ceramic Red can be employed to shield fans and intake vanes from erosion and corrosion damage, even at elevated temperatures.

Additionally, the use of high performance epoxy, such as Devcon Titanium Putty, facilitates the rapid and efficient rebuilding of fan shafts to their original profile. Devcon Plastic A 10110 is also adept at rebuilding and repairing bearing and bush housings, keyways, cracked and punctured casings, as well as addressing leaks in pipes and worn ductwork, among other applications.

Repair and protection for blowers and compressors

Epoxy putty resistant to erosion and corrosion, such as Devcon Ceramic Repair Putty 11700, are valuable for repairing damaged air compressors and housings, as well as rebuilding other rotary equipment. Devcon offers a range of materials designed for the restoration and protection of pump casings, end covers, and valve plates.

Repair and protection for filters and air separators

Given the need for erosion and corrosion protection in filters and air separators, Devcon solutions can address the repair of damaged air receivers and filter equipment. Subsequently, protective coatings such as Devcon Brushable Ceramic Red can be applied for sustained defense against environmental stresses.

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