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Loctite 55 Pipe Sealing Cord 150ml

LOCTITE 55 is designed for sealing of metal and plastic pipes and fittings. It needs no cure time and results in an immediate, full pressure seal. The ideal choice for a quick, easy and reliable seal. The product has approval for gas and potable water and is certified to NSF/ANSI, Standard 61.


  • General purpose, threaded pipe and fitting sealant
  • Non-curing, immediate, full-pressure seal
  • For a quick, easy and reliable seal
  • Tested in accordance with EN 751-2 Class ARp and DIN 30660


  • Brand: Loctite
  • Product Type: Pipe Sealing Cord
  • Technology: Coated Multifilament Thread
  • Chemical Type: Polyamide Thread With Inert Proprietary Paste
  • Appearance: White Colored, Coated Cord
  • Application: Thread Sealing
  • Specific Gravity @ 25: 1.25°C
  • Approval: DVGW/KTW
  • Certified: NSF/ANSI
  • Weight: 150 ml

NSF International

Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in commercial and
residential potable water systems not exceeding 82° C. Note:
This is a regional approval. Please contact your local Technical
Service Center for more information and clarification.
EN 751-2
Sealing materials for metallic threaded joints in contact
with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd family gases and hot water; Part 2:
Non-hardening jointing compounds.LOCTITE®
55 Pipe
Cord™ has been tested and conforms to EN 751-2 for a class
ARp compound and carries the DVGW approval.
WRC and BGA KTW approval
Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with
water intended for human consumption with regard to
their effect on the quality of the water. LOCTITE®
55 Pipe
Cord™ has been tested and has potable water approval to BS
6920 and also meets the specifications of the WRC and BGA
KTW for both cold and hot potable water.
Approved by the Australian Gas Association Certificate
number 6007 Class III rated working pressure 2000 kPa,
working temperature -10 to 150°C. Note: This is a regional
approval. Please contact your local Technical Service Center
for more information and clarification.
Pressure Resistance
LOCTITE® 55 Pipe Cord™ was successfully tested for
pressure resistance and sealability to 69 MPa. 3/8 NPT
steel pipe tees and plugs were assembled and pre-torqued to
27 N·m prior to testing at 69 MPa hydraulic pressure @ 23
°C according to ASTM D 1599.
LOCTITE® 55 Pipe Cord™ has resistance to most common
industrial fluids and gasses
Steam Compatibility

LOCTITE® 55 Pipe Cord™ was successfully tested for steam
compatiblity to 0.17 MPa. 1.5 " NPT were assembled and
tested at 0.17 MPa pressure @ 130 °C for 1,000 hours.
This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen
and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as
a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials.
For safe handling information on this product, consult the
Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Directions for use:

  1. 1. Clean parts with a wire brush prior to application of
  2. 2. Hold the end of the Pipe Sealing Cord against the male
    nipple with one finger approximately two threads away
    from the end.
  3. 3. Wind the fiber onto the pipe threads in the same direction
    of the thread helix starting from the end of the pipe. For
    optimum performance, the grooves of the threads should
    be filled without completely masking the pitches of the
    NOTE: It is not necessary to follow the valley of the
  4. 4. CAUTION: Do not over-apply the Pipe Sealing Cord.
    Excessive material tends to be pushed off as fittings are
    assembled, and it also becomes mechanically more
    difficult to complete the engagement.
  5. 5. Cut the required length off with the integrated cutting tool
    and smooth the loose end onto the pitches of the pipe
  6. 6. LOCTITE® 55 Pipe Cord™ can be adjusted up to 45°
    after tightening.

Store product in the unopened container in a dry location.
Storage information may be indicated on the product container
Optimal Storage: 8 °C to 21 °C. Storage below 8 °C or
greater than 28 °C can adversely affect product properties.
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