How to Treat Rust from Tools

How to Treat Rust from Tools


When water settles on metal tools you will eventually get rusty. If you don't take care of the rust, it will corrode the metal leading to unrepairable damage.

This guide will show you how to remove rust from tools with a commercial rust treatment.

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Good surface preparation will help the rust converter work more effectively.

Remove excess rust with a stiff, bristled brush. The object of this step is to get any loose or flaking rust off rather than trying to seal it in.

Clean and degrease the surface and let it dry. This step ensures that other surface contaminants will not interfere with the reaction of the rust converter on the rusted surface.

Step 2: Product Application

Apply rust converter with a brush or a roller. Larger surfaces are much easier to roll and brushes work well on smaller surfaces. The rust converter will dry in 20 minutes however it takes 24 hours to cure. Application of a second coating will ensure proper rust conversion.

If applying an oil-based top coat, wait 48 hours after the last coat to ensure it has proper time to cure.

Step 3:Clean Up and Safety

Always read the safety precautions provided on the bottle. Further safety information is provided on the MSDS sheet.

Use soap and water to clean rust converter from application equipment.

Other Tips and Precautions

Apply product when the temperature is above 10 degree Celsius.

Do not pour used rust converter back in the bottle.

Only use oil-based paints for top coating, do not use latex paint

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