Superior Performance in Repairing River Vessel Bearings and Housings

Bearing installed in housing with Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A)

In the world of river vessels, where reliability and durability are paramount, ensuring that shaft bearings operate smoothly within their housings is essential. When faced with the challenge of repairing worn and corroded housing interiors to accommodate new shaft bearings, a customer turned to Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A) to achieve a lasting solution.

The Challenge

The customer's vessels had suffered from corrosion and wear, leading to damage in the housing units themselves. These housings were no longer concentric, which posed a significant challenge for installing new shaft bearings effectively. Simply fitting the bearings into the compromised housings was not an option—they needed to be restored to as close to their original condition as possible for the bearings to function optimally and reliably over time.

The Solution: Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A)

Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A) proved to be the ideal choice for repairing and correcting the housing units. This metal surface repair putty is renowned for its strength, durability, and versatility in industrial applications. Here’s how it addressed the customer's needs:

Gap Filling and Alignment: The putty was applied to fill gaps between the non-concentric housing shapes and the new shaft bearings. This ensured a snug fit and proper alignment, critical for the bearings to perform effectively without premature wear or failure.

Adhesion and Reliability: Unlike previous attempts with competitor products that failed prematurely, Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A) provided exceptional adhesion that withstood the operational stresses and environmental conditions of river vessel usage. It adhered firmly to both the housing and the bearing surfaces, creating a robust bond that lasted.

Ease of Application: The application process was straightforward. The surfaces were cleaned and roughened to ensure optimal adhesion. Once applied, the putty did not sag or run out of place, maintaining its integrity during curing and throughout its service life.

Performance and Durability: Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A) fully cured in 16 hours, providing a strong, durable repair that exceeded expectations. The repaired housing units supported the bearings effectively, allowing them to perform as intended for extended periods.

Outcome and Customer Satisfaction

The results were clear and impressive. By choosing Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A), the customer not only successfully restored the housing units but also ensured the reliable operation of the shaft bearings. The vessels were able to operate without the fear of premature bearing wear or adhesive failure, which had plagued them previously with other products.

The customer's testimonial speaks volumes: "Devcon is truly some great stuff." This endorsement underscores the confidence and satisfaction gained from using Devcon products, reinforcing their reputation for reliability and performance in challenging industrial environments.


Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A) stands out not only as a metal repair putty but also as a highly effective epoxy adhesive in demanding applications such as repairing river vessel bearings and housings. Its ability to fill gaps, provide strong adhesion, and withstand operational stresses makes it a preferred choice for industrial maintenance and repair tasks where reliability and durability are non-negotiable.

For industries seeking dependable solutions to repair and enhance equipment performance, Devcon products offer a proven track record of excellence. In the realm of river vessel maintenance, where operational uptime and safety are critical, Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A) exemplifies innovation and reliability, ensuring that equipment remains in peak condition for extended service life.

Bearing installed in housing with Devcon Plastic Steel Putty (A)Devcon Plastic Steel Putty applied to shaft bearing housing

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