Servisol Heat Sink Compound 25g



Servisol Heat Sink Compound 25g

Heat Sink Compound is a highly thermally conductive silicone grease. This, together with a low moisture and metallic impurity content, make it suitable for a wide variety of applications within the electrical components industry.


  • Maintains a positive heatsink seal
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Non flammable
  • High thermal stability
  • Working temperature range 50°C to +200°C


  • Used within a semi-conductor devise case it affords excellent shock protection for
    the transistor or diode elements and provides protection against inadvertent
    contamination of these elements before the devices are finally encapsulated. Also
    acts as an excellent moisture buffer.
  • Heat Sink Compound also finds use a contact material when mounting semiconductor devices on heat sinks, obviating air gaps between imperfectly mating surfaces . In this application, it may be used in conjunction with electrically insulating mica washers without increasing the electrical leakage in any way.
    Indeed, in many cases insulation may be improved.


The product may be stored at normal ambient temperatures and has a shelf life of
not less than 36 months with correct storage. Aerosols should always be stored
below 50OC, away from direct heat and naked flame.


The information given in this publication is based on our experience and reports
from customers. There are many factors outside our control and knowledge which
affect the use and performance of our products and for which reason no warranty
is given, express or implied. Users should make their own tests to determine the
applicability of such information or the suitability of any products for their own
particular purposes. Statements concerning the use of the products described
herein are not to be construed as recommending the infringement of any patent
and no liability for infringement arising out of any such use is to be assumed.
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