Loctite ZETA 7401 UV Chamber



Loctite ZETA 7401 UV Chamber

Loctite ZETA 7401 UV Chamber is designed for use in a wide range of bonding, potting, tacking, and sealing applications. Because of its reliability and simplicity, it is well suited for most production operations. The unit is operated by simply placing the assembly into the cure drawer, closing the drawer, and allowing exposure for the desired time. A viewing window allows monitoring of the curing in process. Features: Contains a 4 inch, 400 watt metal halide bulb. Designed to emit in the UVA and UVB regions. Curing area of 8 inches x 8 inches, and a maximum part height of 4 inches. Operators hands have no direct exposure to UV energy. Up to 1,000 hours of expected UV bulb life with proper handling and maintenance. Convenient Pull out drawer to process parts. Viewing window to observe assemblies in process. Need to measure UV irradiance of your curing process? Click here for our Dosimeter - Radiometer # 1390323 . Great for quality control and process validation.

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