Loctite 97009 Semi-Automatic Dispensing System HP (High Pressure)



Loctite 97009 Semi-Automatic Dispensing System HP (High Pressure)

Loctite 97009 (IDH 215845) is an Integrated Semi-Automatic Dispensing System which enables the adhesive to be dispensed directly from larger bottles. The controller provides digital timing control for any LOCTITE automatic dispense valve or automatic hand-held applicator. Dispense time within the range 0.1-99.9 sec is available. It is also capable of operating in a continuous mode for bead dispensing applications. Recommended for the use with LOCTITE 97130 LV Handheld applicator or LOCTITE 97121 Pinch Valve. The dispensing is started by the LOCTITE 97201 Footswitch.

  • Integrated design for simple set-up and space economy
  • Matching pressure gauge: 97009: 0.1 - 4 bar (2 - 60 psi)
  • Equipped with precision pressure regulator, with a range of 0.1 - 4 bar (2 - 60 psi) for reliable dispensing, eliminating air pressure fluctuations
  • Timer-controlled solenoid valve for air-actuated applicator
  • Combines both a controller and reservoir into a single unit
  • Controller can be actuated either by a footswitch, finger switch or proximity switch
  • Level sensor to give empty warning
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