Loctite 7411-S UV Flood System



Loctite 7411-S UV Flood System

Loctite 7411-S UV Flood System (#98413) is designed for use in a wide range of bonding, potting, tacking, and sealing applications. As a medium intensity, bench top modular light cure system, it includes a 4 inch, 400 Watt/inch UV metal halide lamp . The expected bulb life is 1,000 hours with proper handling and maintenance. This unit can accept multiple part sizes and has a typical curing area is 8 inches x 8 inches. The lamp can be pedestal mounted (as shown) to the power supply or detached for mounting over existing material handling systems such as a conveyor. The lamp height is adjustable to a maximum distance of 11 ¾ inches from the work surface. A special silicone rubber pad that resists UV deterioration and chemical attack covers the work surface. This unit can accept an optional time controlled shutter; item # 98420 (as shown and purchased separately). A visible enhanced metal halide lamp is also and can be purchased separately. Unit includes an operations manual, cotton gloves, UV metal halide lamp, and UV protection glasses. Need a portable hand-held UV flood system? Click here for more information. Need to measure UV irradiance of your curing process? Click here for our Dosimeter - Radiometer # 1390323 . Great for quality control and process validation.
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