LOCTITE® CL28 CureJet LED Spot Curing Single Controller 1364033

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The LOCTITE CL28 CureJet LED Spot Curing Single Controller is used with the LOCTITE CL28 CureJet LED Spot Curing Light Sources to cure UV and visible light cure adhesives. When the unit is switched on, the proper electrical power is supplied to the LED resulting in immediate full power. The digital timer (0.1 to 999.9 seconds) allows for setting the exposure time to the ultimate value required for proper curing. This controller can be actuated by a manual start button, a foot switch (included), or an external controller such as a customer-supplied PLC.

  • LED spot curing system offering long-life, energy-efficient, instant on/off performance
  • Simple and easy control of one LED head
  • Indicator lights for status and alarms
  • Monitors and adjusts power to each of the nine (9) individual LEDs in the CureJet LED Light Source
  • Controller monitors overall system voltage fluctuations

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