Devcon Aluminium Putty (F) 1lb



Devcon Aluminium Putty (F) 1lb

Devcon Aluminium Putty (F) is an aluminum-filled epoxy putty for rebuilding and repairing to aluminum castings, parts and equipment.
Features and benefits
  • Applies easily. No special tools required
  • Bonds to aluminum and many other metals, repair and rebuilding aluminum parts and equipment as well as concrete
  • Makes repairs that are non-rusting.
  • Qualified under Mil. Spec. DOD-C-24176B
Recommended Applications
  • Applications requiring an aluminum, non-rusting finish.
  • Repair and rebuilding aluminum parts and equipment.
  • Patching aluminum castings.
  • Making jigs and fixtures
Directions for Use

Proper surface preparation is essential to the success of any epoxy application. In all cases the surface should be clean, dry, free from oils, and rough.

  1. Remove all oils, dirt and grease by means of a strong cleaner/degreaser (Devcon Cleaner Blend 300 is suitable for this process.)
  2. Roughen the surface by grit blasting (8-40 mesh grit) or grinding. A 3-5 mil profile is desired for most applications.
  3. All abrasive preparation should be followed by another cleaning to remove any remnants from that process.
  4. Ideal application temperature is 55 - 90F. Under cold conditions, heating the repair area to 100 - 110F is recommended.
  5. Add hardener to resin and mix thoroughly with a screwdriver or putty knife until a uniform, streak-free consistency is obtained, (about 4 minutes).
  6. Spread mixed material over the repair area and work firmly into the substrate to ensure maximum surface contact.
  7. To bridge large gaps or holes, use fiberglass tape, expanded metal or mechanical fasteners.

  • Working time is 60 minutes @ 75F
  • Functional (75%) cure is achieved in 16hour @ 75F
  • For maximum physical properties, heat cure for 4 hours @ 200F after curing at room temperature for 2-1/2 hours.

Use in accordance with Material Safety Data Sheet.
Warranty: Devcon will replace any material found to be defective. Because the storage, handling, and application of this material is beyond our control, we can accept no liability for the results obtained.

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