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Devcon® R-Flex®

Self-leveling liquid urethane that in minutes turns into a non-sag putty for repairing gouges, tears, and holes and coats clips for heavy-weight SBR conveyor belt.

  • Repair holes, gouges, and tears in SBR conveyor belt
  • Coats hinged or solid plate fastener systems to protect them from cleaner damage
  • Rebuild worn rubber top ply of SBR belts protecting surface from abrasion and impact from aggregate
  • Rubber repair Putty
  • Belt repair kit
  • Conveyor Belt repair kit
  • Rubber Belt Repair
  • Rubber repair kit

High adhesion to SBR belts with Surface Conditioner. Self-leveling liquid that
develops into a non-sagging putty. Belt
back into service in 1 1/2 hours.


Surface Prep: Abrading/Cleaning

  1. Clean the belt with a suitable solvent such as isopropanol
    (IPA) by applying ONLY to a rag and then cleaning the area.
    DO NOT POUR directly onto the belt!
  2. Attach abrasive wheel to a 4” (10 cm) grinder [minimum
    10,000 RPM]. Roughen belt releasing contaminants and grit.
  3. Using grinder, roughen belt until dull bluish-grey colour.
    Ensure top layer of belt is roughened, leaving a fine dusting
    of residue, brush off residue with a dry rag.
    NOTE: Be sure not to grind down to the belt’s woven
    carcass as this will weaken the belt.
  4. Take a dry rag and wipe off any ground particles making
    the repair dust free.
    NOTE: DO NOT apply any solvent cleaners to the belt as
    this will close the pores of the SBR Belt an affect adhesion.
  5. Ideal application temperature is above 50°F (13°C).


Surface Conditioner Mixing Instructions

  1. Open bag, remove Surface Conditioner bottles:
    Part A and Part B.
  2. Unscrew spout cap from Part B bottle and remove
    aluminium seal. Screw spout cap back on Part B bottle.
  3. Take Part A bottle and unscrew dauber top.
  4. Flip up the spout cap on Part B bottle to pour liquid into
    Part A bottle. Screw dauber top onto Part A bottle.
  5. Shake bottle for 30 seconds to mix Surface Conditioner.
  6. Remove clear cap from dauber top. Turn upside down and
    press dauber firmly on repair.
  7. Thinly spread Surface Conditioner around entire repair
    area. It will evaporate quickly leaving slight change in
    colour on the surface.
  8. Wait 3 minutes to ensure surface is dry before applying
    Devcon R-Flex®.

R-Flex II™ Mix Instructions

  1. Make sure surface is roughened and Devcon® Surface
    Conditioner was applied and you will need to wait at least
    3 minutes before applying Devcon R-Flex®.
  2. Remove resin container [4 lb (1.8 kg) kit], or plastic jar
    [1.5 lb (0.7 kg) kit] and open lid
  3. Take Curing Agent out of the container [4 lb (1.8 kg) kit a
    plastic jar], [1.5 lb (0.7 kg) kit a pouch] and pour contents
    into the respective resin containers.
    (a) For the 4 lb (1.8 kg) Kit pour the curing agent and the
    contents of the resin into the large white mix bucket. Be
    sure to scrape sides of metal can getting all resin into
    the bucket.
    (b) For the 1 lb (0.7 kg) kit simply pour the curing agent
    pouch into the plastic container and start mixing.
  4. Using wooden paddle, stir contents thoroughly for 1.5
    minutes- scraping sides and bottom of the containers to
    activate curing mechanism.
  5. Pour mixed R-Flex onto the roughened belt. After 3
    minutes R-Flex will be able to be applied to a vertical
    surface without sagging [@ 1/4” (6.5 mm) thick] as the
    product is polymerizing quickly.
  6. Spread with spatula to desired area R-Flex will continue
    to ”self-level” in seconds, up to 8 minutes after you started
    mixing. After that time the material will not self-level.

Metal Surfaces

  1. Thoroughly clean the metal clips to be coated/repaired.
    Remove any oil, grease or dirt. Roughen the metal by
    grinding with a coarse wheel. To prime the surface apply
    a coat of Devcon® FL-10 Metal Primer and allow to dry for
    5-15 minutes.



  1. For holes, use duct tape underneath belt to bridge hole.
    Be sure to prime repair area 6-8” (15-20 cm) back from the hole.
  2. Follow surface abrading/cleaning section thoroughly.
  3. After mixing Devcon R-Flex® and applying to repair area,
    make sure you fill void 6-8” (15-20 cm) around the hole to
    create additional strength.

Gouges or Tears:

  1. For tears, if the tear is over 8-10” (15-20 cm) take alligator
    clip and lock the tear on either end of the tear to mechanically
    stop the belt form continuing to rip.
  2. Take an abrasive wheel 4” (10 cm) grinder and at the tear
    undercut the rubber at an angle in a “V” configuration
    opening up the tear to expose more surface area for the
    repair compound to attach to. Place a strip of duct tape
    underneath the tear sealing off the area so no repair
    compound leaks through during the repair.
  3. If using alligator metal clips, coat the clips with Devcon®
    FL-10 Primer and allow to dry for 3 minutes.
  4. Follow surface abrading/cleaning section thoroughly.
  5. After mixing Devcon R-Flex® and applying to repair area,
    push the material into the “V” opening you created.
    The material will self-level in that area. Coat the clips with
    a thin layer of material.

Coating Hinged or Solid Plate Fasteners:

  1. When coating plated clips, abrade an 8” (20 cm) area
    from the clip to the belt on both sides of the clip. If clip
    was skived and below surface only go back 4” (10 cm).
  2. Follow surface abrading/cleaning section thoroughly.
  3. Coat the solid or pin clips with Devcon® FL-10 Metal
    Primer and allow to dry for 3 minutes.
  4. Spread R-Flex® on clips at a minimum thickness of 1/8”
    (3 mm) (this helps to bridge the elongation that occurs
    when belt is subjected to pressure of wiper and traveling
    across the head pulley).

  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • 18 Months in unopened containers.

For complete safety and handling information, please refer to
Material Safety Data Sheets prior to using this product.

ITW Performance Polymers will replace any material found to
be defective. The storage, handling and application of this
material is beyond our control, as such we can accept no
liability for the results obtained.
These are the frequently asked questions :
How do you fix a hole in a conveyor belt?
How do you glue a belt back together?
How do you splice a belt?
How do you change a conveyor belt?
Can I repair a conveyor Belt ?
Feel free to contact us if there are any queries above or other questions we will be glad to assist you. Demo Practices are available too, we have our professional to guide you or recommend proper application on the products.

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