Cordobond Strongback Standard Resin & Activator 454G



Cordobond Strongback Standard Resin & Activator 454G

Cordobond Standard is a two-component, fluid multifunctional repair product, consisting of a modified epoxy resin and activator.

Cordobond Standard can be used during each phase in the naval and processing industry. In combination with glass cloth or tyre it can be used for amination, reinforcement and repairs. Cordobond Standard is resistant to water, oil, alcohol, most acids and bases and all types of pollution. Cordobond Standard adheres excellently to almost all substrates, such as steel, wood, glass ceramics and synthetic materials, with the exception of P.P. (Polypropylene) and P.E. (Polyethylene). Cordobond Standard does not conduct electricity, is not magnetic, it is corrosion proof and resistant to temperature changes.

Cordobond Standard Resin consists of two components, Resin and Activator, both packaged separately. The Resin tin is partially filled so that the Activator can be added and mixed together

It is important that Cordobond Standard is mixed together well; otherwise it will not fully harden.
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