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Henkel’s Bonderite O-PC 253 (was Kephos 253) is a non-aqueous phosphating treatment for iron and steel surfaces, which simultaneously protects and seals the surface to protect against corrosion and enhance paint adhesion. Because it is non-aqueous, Bonderite O-PC 253 leaves no water residue behind which might cause subsequent paint blistering.

Bonderite O-PC 253 provides an economical method of applying such high protection, and can be sprayed in a standard painting booth or dipped in a conventional tank. It works well with a conventional spray gun but also lends itself to electrostatic spray, roller- or brush-coat, cold dip, or wiping. It is applied at ambient temperature and leaves no effluent.

Typical applications for Bonderite O-PC 253 are the phosphating of bodywork panels, cycle frames, car accessories, machinery casings including meter boxes and domestic white goods, and sheet steel.

Spray application makes this a good choice for large items that are difficult to immerse. Most commonly applied to iron and steel, successful results are also obtained with electroplated zinc or galvanised items, and brass. The phosphated coating is quite flexible, allowing sheet materials to be worked up into, for example, box sections after being treated.

Air drying is usually sufficient (3-5 minutes for spray or brush, up to 30 minutes for dip application) although force drying for five minutes at 95C is also permitted. Treated items can be painted immediately or stored temporarily, where they will enjoy the corrosion protection created by Bonderite O-PC 253.

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